Oracle Applications

Journey to the Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud

When it comes to implementing Oracle ERP Cloud, Frontera Consulting is a global leader. We have been at the forefront of Oracle Cloud since its inception, and have completed hundreds of ERP Cloud projects for 26 different customers across a wide range of industries and countries*. In 2012 we were the first system integrator (SI) to bring ERP Cloud’s predecessor, Fusion Financials, live for an Oracle customer anywhere in the world. In 2014 Frontera implemented Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Financials Cloud internally and we’ve been running our business on ERP Cloud ever since.

Our experience doesn’t just cover the intricacies of business process improvement and applications configuration. Our expertise extends to all areas necessary for a successful system implementation.

On the technical side, we’ve built hundreds of file- and web-based integrations with a wide array of external systems, including E-Business Suite, Workday and Salesforce. In doing so we’ve leveraged features of leading middleware solutions, such as, Oracle SOA Suite, Dell Boomi, and Mulesoft. For customers without a need for enterprise middleware platforms, we have developed highly cost-effective integrations using our in-house cloud integration platform (c2c tools). We’ve also developed solutions in Oracle Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and integrated custom pages directly into the standard applications to extend user capabilities seamlessly without the need to login to a separate system.

Our big 4 background influences our approach to all projects, and we recognize that proactive change management is key to every successful project. We work with every customer to build an effective project team that is balanced with Frontera and internal resources, ensuring knowledge and skills transfer in both directions. It is no surprise that we are asked back by so many of our customers after go-live, to implement new functionality and modules, and to bring in other business units and countries.
*as of December 2016

Oracle EPM

Planning and Budgeting

To succeed in today’s competitive landscape organizations must accurately predict market fluctuations to make decisions which bring value. Decisions become even more difficult without the proper business process in place and the right technology. The two go hand in hand. If your business processes are not efficient, the right technology will not necessarily bring you success and vice versa.

Does your organization react to change or predict change?

Demand has grown for more powerful agile planning solutions that go beyond traditional financial departments. Planning solutions must support other verticals within the organization such as the Marketing, Sales and HR departments. The expanded use requires the solution to be more collaborative and less siloed. Automating the planning process is critical to making the solution readily available for quick and effective decision making.
At Frontera, we recognize the value of an efficient business process aligned with the right technology for your organization. We have the experience and depth to develop an Oracle Planning solution which is tailored to your organizational goals. We will gladly work with you to maximize your return on the Oracle Planning solution.


Income Statement and Balance Sheet are standard universal reports needed by all organizations regardless of country origin. However, organizations continue to struggle to produce even these standard simple reports. This is often due to lack of technology, siloed data sources or a combination of both.

Frontera has the breadth and experience to develop simple to complex reports for your organization utilizing a variety of tools that include Financial Reporting Studio, SmartView, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence, Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition and BI Publisher. For Oracle Cloud customers that choose one of our quick start accelerators, we have canned Income Statement and Balance Sheet reports pre-built to ease your transition.

Financial Close and Consolidation

Today’s global economy has further increased the demand to integrate multiple transaction systems and transition to new reporting standards. With this transition, the Financial Close process has become increasingly more difficult due to multiple systems, time zones and standards. To meet these demands, the process must be streamlined and automated to reduce cycle times and provide accurate results.
We have the depth and skillset to develop an Oracle Financial Close and Consolidation solution to help ease your transition. Our consultants have deep experience helping multi-national organizations implement the robust features of the Financial Close and Consolidation module. We utilize a combination of industry best practices along with our vast knowledge of the toolset to provide a solution that is robust and effective in meeting your organizational needs.

Account Reconciliation

Performing thousands upon thousands of account reconciliations manually can take a significant amount of time. The time spent on these reconciliations lead to increased costs. On average a person can reconcile 10 transactions in a minute. Using that average one can conclude that organizations can reduce costs by automating the process and focusing on reconciling exceptions. In addition, an extended reconciliation process will have a negative impact on the financial reporting process.
We understand that an automated reconciliation process can save days. With Oracle’s Account Reconciliation Cloud Service, organizations can integrate their ERP system to reduce risk and address security concerns. Customers can leverage the automated features to reduce cycle times. Our consultants have both the financial background and product knowledge to assist your organization with enhancing your reconciliation process.

Profitability and Cost Management

What products are most profitable? Which products should continue?
These are answers that can be provided by implementing Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Solution. For years, an industry standard, the profitability and cost module provides organizations with the ability to create simple to complete allocations which will help to identify costs vs profitability of the products. Most organizations currently utilize either an “excel-application” which does not necessarily produce accurate results due to human error and often proves to be quite cumbersome. We would love to speak to you more about the wide range of features related to Oracle Profitability and Cost Management that can help your organization succeed.